We were overwhelmed by what we saw. This journey it has proved to be more revealing on ourselves rather than the products and the lands that we visited. We met incredible people, passionate workers that keep alive traditions centuries old. And we tasted spectacular dishes, of course. We immediately felt that we had to do our part to save those traditions: one of our prerogatives is to make other see what we saw, feel what we felt, to allow the stories that we learn to be spread.
And, for us, there was only one way to make this happened: the Kanopo way.

The black and the white are our guide lines. Simplicity and elegance. We avoid the loud and cumbersome excess in favor of minimal straight lines that match with the grace of curvilinear. This ideal takes life in our bottle: carved in a unique conceptual piece in which the rough strength of the wood merge with the bright transparency of the glass, a shape that echos lines and curves, as a highly designed seduction game.