Now follow us to an amazing journey towards a forgotten world, a world made of tradition and passion, love for craftsmanship and rarities.

Our journey starts in London, one year ago. London, the city of culture and business, with its glass skyscrapers so close to the Globe theatre. An hectic and loud city but also a place where culture and art and music beat on the streets, everything mixed with a good cup of hot tea and some shortbread.

London is our home and we love it deeply, but even so we decided to travel across seas and mountains and countries in order to find hidden gems coming from forgotten traditions.

Our first step was Turin, a lovely metropolitan city just at the feet of the Alps, a city that reminded so much of London to us. Bewitched by the astonishing italian food we started to get really intrigued by the so called green gold: the extravirgin olive oil.

We decided to get serious about it and we contacted ONAOO to start a collaborations looking for the best quality of extravirgin olive oil available, spotless and perfect in every detail.

It was a logic consequence to reach the Garda Lake, an italian area well known for its beauty but we were not prepared for what we saw. At all.

Follow us on the next chapter to learn more about our love at first sight.